CA Passing Marks Rule for CPT December 2017 Exam


Every year, ICAI takes the examination of CA CPT twice in the year in the month of June and December. The next CPT examination will be held in December 2017, and all CPT related information for CPT December 2017 exam are updated here.

CPT December 2017 exam date, time table, 30% Passing marks rule details, link to download CPT question paper & solution of June 2017 & December 2016 exam, CPT results mark sheet / score card for June 2017 updates are also given.

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CPT December 2017 Exam Form

The form filling of CPT December 2017 exam will start from 17th December 2017 (10:00 AM) onwards and the last date of submission of the same is 1st October 2017 (05:30 PM). cpt results 2016 paytm promo code for recharge ca final results 2016 ipcc results 2016 ca admit card


You can get it from: CA CPT Exam Form December 2017

Kindly apply before the last date to appear for CPT December 2017 exam.

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CPT Result December 2017

CPT Result December 2017 exact date is going to be declared on this page, check that for the updates.

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CPT 30% Passing Marks Rule

ICAI has proposed changes in CA CPT Passing marks rule along-with CPT exemption rule for graduates . This proposal was accepted by Govt. of India in August 2012.

According to the updates came on this rule: 30% passing mark rule was first time applicable in June 2013 and hence,  30% passing mark rule will be applied in December 2017 exam, also.


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Details of the 30% Passing Mark Rule :-

1. Minimum of 30% marks in each of the four sections/subjects.

2. Minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate of all the sections/subjects

* subject to the principle of negative marking, in such manner as may be determined by the Council, from time to time.

Students appearing in CA CPT June 2017 exam will have to get 100 marks with 30% at least in each of the sections/subjects to crack the CPT exam.

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Minimum Passing Mark required in each subject

“A candidate for the Common Proficiency Test shall ordinarily be declared to have passed the test if he obtains at one sitting a minimum of thirty per cent marks in each section and a minimum of fifty per cent marks in the aggregate of all the sections, subject to the principle of negative marking, in such manner as may be determined by the Council, from time to time.”

¼ (one fourth) mark shall continue to be deducted for each wrong answer and multiple darkened circles for a question will also be treated as the wrong answer. Accordingly, the minimum marks required in each section and in the aggregate in all sections of CPT as per the revised passing requirements will be as under:-

Subject Maximum Marks Minimum Marks
(Mandatorily to be secured after negative marking)
Fundamentals  of Accounting 60 18
Mercantile Laws 40 12
General Economics 50 15
Quantitative Aptitude 50 15
Total 200 100*

*A candidate is required to secure a minimum of 30 per cent marks in each Section and a minimum of 50 per cent marks in aggregate in all the four Sections to pass the Common Proficiency Test.

Examples :

It is clarified that if a candidate secures a minimum of 50 per cent marks in the aggregate but fails to secure the minimum marks required in any one or more of the sections A, B, C or D (as mentioned above), his result will be FAIL. Similarly, if a candidate secures a minimum of 30 per cent marks in each section but fails to secure 50 per cent marks in the aggregate of all sections, his result will be FAIL. The following table will further illustrate the revised passing requirements:-

Subjects Section A Section B Section C Section D Total Result
  Fundamentals of Accounting Mercantile Laws General Economics Quantitative Aptitude    
Maximum Marks 60 40 50 50 200
Passing Marks 18 12 15 15 100
Student A 20 12 25 35 92 FAIL
Student F 39 10 29 22 100 FAIL
Student E 44 15 23 33 115 PASS
Student P 37 24 31 32 124 PASS
NOTE: The marks obtained by students are after considering the negative marking, if any, for wrong answers/multiple darkened answers for a question/s.

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Download CPT Dec 2016 Results Mark sheet

CPT Marksheet is generally sent to every passed student of CPT exam. But in case if you haven’t received CPT results marks sheet Dec 2016, then this will be really helpful. You can now get your CA CPT Dec 2016 marksheet online from below given link.

CPT result mark sheet:

CPT Question Paper & Solution of Dec 2016 exam

I have uploaded CPT Dec 2016 question paper and solution. You can download CPT question paper solution Dec 2016 from the links given below.

CA CPT June 2017 Question Paper & Solution

Enjoy !!!

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  1. Dear Admin..,

    If i got 60 marks in 1st session (i.e., 40 marks in Fundamental Acounting, 20 marks in Mercantile law) And 40 marks in 2nd Session (i.e.,15 marks in General Economics , 15 marks in Quantitative Aptitud). total i will get 100 marks and there is 30% marks in all section and 50% in agreegate but in 2nd session there is only 40% marks . then will i passe or fail in CA-CPP exam. Because in 2nd session there is only 40% marks i have scored not secured 50
    . Pleased clarify me.

  2. I come to know that, in CA CPT exam negative marking deduction have been discontinued and students have to score minimum 120 marks for passing. Is it correct?
    Please assist me.

  3. Toby Josegoal

    if i pass the cpt exam in the month december, can i write the exam again for improving my marks. can u pls mention about the scholarships available on the basis of marks

    1. Dear Akanksha,See, if you have been reading NCERT books then I am prtety sure that you have done basic groundwork and revised basics learnt at school level. It is time now, that you embarked on a professional approach towards the exam. Whether you’ll be able to clear Prelims in 2013 completely depends on your aptitude, level of effort put and quality time invested in preparation.Even in case you do not wish to appear in 2013 but only in 2014, you must start preparing now.Regards,Rau’s IAS

  4. I heard that in maxx tere re four questions wrong in the question.paper which was held on 27 th Dec…will tey give binus mks

  5. I hav heard dat cpt total marks gonna increase to 400 frm dis december is dat information is true….

  6. In cpt there is 50% passing marks needed in each section or overall 50%
    E.g. in account. 40
    Law 30
    Quantitative 15
    Eco 16
    In each section 50 % needed??
    Thanking you

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