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The latest updates and information regarding the CA Final results date May 2017 by

CA Final result is just a few days later, and the expectations and heartbeats of the CA students are going crazy over the results expectations, few students will be getting horrific nightmares about results, (I also get.. lol).

CA Final Nov 2017 Exam

All updates for CA Final Nov 2017 Exam are updated here in this all in one article.

CA Final Nov 2017 Results

CA Final Nov 2017 results are going to be declared today, 17th Jan 2018 on site. You can check our updates for on our site too.


Results are declared..

Check our updates for results on page of cacracker..

CA Final Nov 2017 Toppers & Pass Percentage

We will update CA Final Toppers and Ca final Pass Percentage details here.

Pass percentage:

ca final pass percentage nov 2017


Occasionally we will be adding all the useful information on this page, stay tuned to us for all the updates.

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So, we have got some info. and providing some insights about CA Final results date May 2017 here.

CA Final Result May 2017



Group I – 13.82%

Group II – 16.2%

Both Groups – 22.98%
(passed both/single)


Keep checking this space for the updates.

You can check all updates at CA Final results too.

CA FINAL Result Insider Update

As per the ACA Anurag sir, a reputed member of a CA fourm, CA Final result will be declared on 18th July 2017. Let’s see which date comes actually for CA Final result.

ca final result date
CA Final May 2017 expected result date ACA Anurag sir

MUST CHECK: CA Final result can come around 18th to 21st July

CA Final Result Archive

CA Final Results Nov 2016

As per some insider reports we got from one source, the CA Final results are going to be declared on 17th January 2017 at 2 PM, one Chartered Accountant shared this info on one renowned CA community. Below we have attached the screen shot of it.




So, we hope that ICAI officially will declare CA Final May 2017 result date on today or tomorrow.


FOR CPT RESULT: Check CPT Results Date 2017


CA Final Toppers Marks and Interview Archives

CA Final Toppers Nov 2015

Details for CA Final toppers Nov 2015 is shared here below.
ca final toppers nov 2015
ROLL NO. 121050 217428 168097
MARKS 595 572 566
MARKS % 74.38 71.5 70.75
PHONE NO 9791096770 8686303877 9038995110

CA Final Toppers May 2015

After the declaration of today’s CA Final result, ICAI has declared the list of CA Final May 2015 toppers.

Top 1: Shailee Chudhary (Delhi) along with Rahul Aggarwal (Secunderabad)
Top 2: Chitturi Lakshmi Anusha
Top 3: Deval Bhadresh Modi

ca final toppers May 2015

Currently the list of topper is  declared by ICAI, also come back later to get the update of the same.


CA Final Toppers Nov 2014


CA Final Nov 2014 1st Ranker Mark Sheet

Vijender Aggarwal is the first rank holder of CA Final November 2014 exam who got 558 marks from 800.


Stay tuned with CAcracker for further updates !!!

CA Final Toppers May 2014

ICAI recently declared CA Final result of May 2014 attempt and just after it ICAI also announced CA Final toppers list of May 2014.

CA Final toppers may 2014


Sanjay Nawandhar from Jaipur has topped CA Final May 2014 exam with 583 marks out of 800 with 72.88%.

Kunal Jethani from Jodhpur has got 2nd rank and Harsha Chandrakant Bhattad has got top 3 in CA Final May 2014 exam. We greet heartily congratulation to them and wish a great future ahead.

For more details check : CA Final toppers May 2014 updates by Resultswala

Sanjay Nawandhar Interview & Photos

sanjay nawandhar ca final toppers photo1


“I was sure of my top position in the exam as I had earlier secured 6th and second place in the first and second stages of this exam. I hope to work in the corporate finance sector. I want to work initially in Mumbai, though ultimately I want to work abroad,” said Nawandhar.


Sanjay’s father is a manager in a cold storage plant.

He completed his schooling from DAV School in Vaishali Nagar and completed his graduation last year from Rajasthan University.

His elder sister is also a Chartered Accountant and she inspired him to excel in the finance sector.

Jaiupurians Rocks

All seven students from ICAI’s Jaipur chapter secured places in the top 50 ranks in the all-India examination.
Kritika Khandelwal secured 11th place,
Sumit Kanodi 14th,
Vikas Jindal 17th,
Rajat Khandelwal 21st,
Anshul Bajaj 35th and
Sanjay Chandak 45th.

We congratulate of all of them.


CA Final Nov 2013 Toppers

Here below I have given CA Final November 2013 toppers photo of AIR 1, 2, 3.
Gaurav Deepak Shrawagi from Akot has got 1st rank in CA Final Nov 2013. Mridu Garg from Delhi was the 2nd rank holder whereas Akshay Losalka from Kolkata was 3rd ranker of CA Final Nov 2013 attempt.

ca final nov 2013 toppers photos

CA Final Nov 2013 toppers photo with marks, percentage and mobile no.  are also given for the reference of students.

CA Final 1st Rank Holder Mark sheet

Here below I have attached CA Final 1st rank holder mark sheet.

ca final nov 2013 1st rank holder topper marksheet
Stay tuned with CAcracker for details of CA Final toppers.

CA Final May 2013 Toppers


Kruti Bhadresh Shah from Mumbai has got 1st rank in CA Final May 2013 exam. She’s from Mumbai and she got 611 marks out of 800 total marks. Kalvin Joshua Fernandes got second rank and S. Aatresh got 3rd rank in all CA Final May 2013 exam.

ca final toppers may 2013 cacracker

CA Final Toppers May 2013 Marksheet

Here I have given mark sheet of CA Final toppers of May 2013 Ca Final exam.

Rank 1 KRUTI BHADRESH SHAH Mark sheet:-

ca final rank 1


ca final rank 2

Rank 3 :- S AATRESH Marksheet
ca final rank 3

CA Final May 2013 Toppers Interview

More details will be available on CA Toppers Interview.

Rank 1: Kruti B Shah Interview:-

Here is brief interview with Kruti B Shah is given. It was taken by CA club India guys. We thanks to them for this interview.

First of all many congratulations to you, Kruti, on behalf of CCI.

Thank you!!

Ok nice!! So, what was your first reaction?

It was very difficult to believe initially. Then I checked the site again and saw that I have cleared it with a rank. I was at home only with my family and shared the moment with them, the first person I told this is my mother.

So, Kruti, how you have achieved this? What was your schedule, time-table and strategy?

Actually, I used to go to the library early morning at 8 o’clock and I used to study till 11 and I used to take a small break, just to keep myself fresh. I have prepared in such a manner that I could get time to revise two times at-least before the day of examination. So, I have planned in such a manner that I could revise and be prepared with all the things before the exams. I never used to count how many number of hours I have spent in a day on study, I used to keep on studying unless I am tired.

Would you suggest some tips on how to prepare for the exams and how to attempt for the exams for your juniors?

Definitely, I would just tell them that never be afraid of whatever is there in the paper. Everything is possible. Even if it is difficult, you can patiently and calmly try and put all your efforts and you will definitely be able to crack it. Panic is something which many times cleans away whatever is there in our mind. And we definitely have mock-test so we can get a glimpse of how to appear in the final exam. So, I would recommend everyone to have mock-test before appearing for the exams.

So, do you have any message for the aspiring CA students?

Just do your best and leave the rest for God to decide. He will definitely give you what you what you want.

Thanks a lot Kruti for your time, now we would wish you for the celebrations. Once again congratulations and all the best for your future!

Thank you !!

Read this too:- >

 Rank 2: Kalvin Joshua Nicasius Fernandes Interview

Here is brief interview with Kalvin Joshua Nicasius Fernandes, it was taken by CAclubindia guys. We are thankful to them.

Welcome Kalvin and many Congratulations to you and your family.

Thank you!!

So how are you feeling now after scoring this rank?

Very happy! I am in the best mood and celebrating this moment. However, since this is July we have lots of income tax filing work in office.

Can you share with our community the time-table or strategy that have been followed by you?

It’s hard to explain in short but I’ll try (smiles)… I took leave in the last week of December but my classes continued till January. Till then, I used to think; I should go for classes and that was enough, so I was not actually seriously preparing. However at the end of January or say starting of February, I thought this it was high time I started preparing seriously. So then I made a rough plan: I would do theory papers in the morning and then practical papers in the evening, I decided that and I prepared for which subjects I should do first. I planned to get up at 7, start studying, take small breaks, like half an hour breaks in between and I would end my day at 11 or 11:30 pm. So in the months of Feb – April, I used to study for probably minimum 10 hours daily.

Would you like to suggest some tips on how to prepare for the exams for your juniors?

Think of it like CA Final is just another exam. The way one studies for it should be how we normally study for exams because we have already cleared our other exams like IPCC in that way. CA Final is no different. On another note, the suggested answers are excellent. One should go through them as many questions are repeated from there.

In this whole journey any hurdles or challenges you have faced?

Not so much. It was normal: going for classes in the early morning, then going to work everyday. However, all CA students face this.

Any special memory you would like to share with us?

After my first paper Accounts – The paper went very badly, it shattered my confidence. I thought that I should give up this attempt. Accounts is normally my best paper, I didn’t know whether the paper was tough for everyone or it was only tough for me. I thought it went horrible and I had doubts about passing that paper. However, the main point is that I did not give up at that time. If I would have given up after the 1st paper, I would be sitting for these upcoming November exams; but look at me now. I wouldn’t have known what my marks would be. So, I would say, that don’t give up. It takes a lot of determination to pass this exam.

What are your other hobbies apart from studies?

Apart from studies, I normally watch TV shows and I read books.

Which is your favourite show?

Right now it’s the recently ended Game of Thrones.

Do you have any message for the CA community or the aspiring CAs?

I would say give it your best shot. You need firm determination in order to pass this exam. As long as you are determined, you will pass. Do not get scared by the pass percentage. As long as you have the determination and are willing to do the hard-work you will pass.

Thanks a lot Kalvin, thanks for your time and once again congratulations !!

Thank you!!

Stay tuned with us for more spicy information about CA Final Toppers May 2016, Rankers Interviews & Photos.

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ca final result nov 2016

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