How to get good marks in IPCC TAXATION Paper


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In CA IPCC Paper 4 is of Taxation which is divided into two parts. Tax paper of 100 marks are divided into direct tax carrying 50 marks and indirect tax carrying 50 marks.

Direct tax comprises of income tax and indirect tax includes service tax, which carries around 27 to 35 marks, excise which carries 8 marks, VAT which is roughly 4 marks and Central Sales Tax of 4 marks and customs of 4 marks, it has been noticed that the service tax question comes as a compulsory question and part of question 1.

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Tips to get good marks in IPCC Taxation:

  • Keep a book with you whenever you preparing for your subject. So that you can point out all summary point in a such a way that by reading. It will help you to recall entire provision.
  • Most of students refer Singhania’s book as a reference of Income tax because this book is very good with beautiful example on completion of provision with sum for exercise. But on the other side, it is too much lenghthy to complete a day before exam.
  • Another reference book that CA IPCC student refers for Taxation is T.N. Manoharan. which book is a point to point provision explained along with superb presentation and diagram or graph whenever is required.
  • While you start preparing Income Tax start reading from starting eve though you are having primary knowledge of subject.

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  • Start preparing summary book from starting without failing.
  • Some days before staring of examination institute issued RTP ( Revision Test Paper ) which contain some important sums, and another booklet named Supplimentary which contains amendments applicable for particular examination.
  • It is found that in every May month examination institute ask from amendments for at least 30 to 40 Marks.
  • Over here it is also importantly to be noted that they are so many times CA Institute asking sums from module or practice manual, even institute not bother to change name of party or even figure too.
  • Last but not least prepare yourself in such way and in such manner so nothing can be escaped and you score more than 80 marks.

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