How to score good in IPCC Advanced Accounting Paper || Important Notes 2017


Updates and details for How to score good in IPCC Advanced Accounting Paper:

Compared to other subjects of CA IPCC, Advanced Accounting subject is very easy to prepare and it is also a scoring subject. So you should plan it very carefully to prepare. It should help you to increase your result.

Here I am sharing you some tips for Advanced Accounting subject of CA IPCC and also Important Notes for it. So share this as much as possible for helping your friends and all the best for your IPCC Advanced Accounting Paper.

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Preparation tips/suggestions for Advanced Accounting are as below…

  1. First of all, you should select the topics of Accounting standards which carries around 25-30 marks almost 30% of marks. You should concentrate on the topics as follows….
  • AS-4
  • AS-5
  • AS-12
  • AS-20
  • AS-19
  • AS-26
  • AS-29
  • AS-16
  • AS-11 (only basics are asked)

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  1. Then after you should take the topics like Part of Company Accounts which carries overall weightage of 35-40 marks. These topics are easy compared to partnership accounts. You should concentrate on the topics as follows….
  • Amalgamation and Internal Reconstruction
  • Issue and Redemption of Debentures
  • Liquidation of Companies
  • Buy Back of Shares
  • ESOP’s

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  1. After completed these topics you should try for the next topics. But remember, revision is the most important part of the study. So the revision of all prepared topics are compulsory. Now it is better to choose Accounting for B@ n k s, Insurance, Electricity as these also cover up to 15-20 marks. If you are confident of doing Partnership Accounts, you can also go ahead with it which carries weightage of 16 marks.
  2. As a final step, prepare Branch and Departmental Accounts which carries weightage of 6-8 Marks.
  3. If you have the short time for preparation, then you should prepare the topics up to Step 3 Above it is sufficient if you prepare the thoroughly.

IPCC Advanced Accounting Notes for May 2017:

Here, I have updated the PDF Documents for IPCC Advanced Accounting Paper. The students should read it and follow it to score good in the exam.

 Advanced Accounting Notes PDF Document
Internal Reconstruction Two Pages Summary Download
Amalgamation Revision Notes Download
Amalgamation Summary Notes Download
Tips to Prepare Advanced Accounts Paper Download
Advanced Accounts Mock Test with Solution for May 2016 Download
Advanced Accounts Question Paper Nov 2015 Download
Advanced Accounts Mock Test Download
Branch Accounts Notes Download
Branch Accounts Theory and Problems Download

I hope you like this article of “Preparation tips for CA IPCC Advanced Accounting Subject”. Wish you all the best for exams. Give your best in the exam. Keep trust on yourself and God. Thank You…!!

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