Some important Suggestions for CA Final examination


Hi, friends… I would like to suggest the following tips to help for CA final students in the following subjects. Hope it would help you.

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  1. ISCA

For ISCA, please follow study material strictly. For that, you can refer Dinesh Madaan for the understanding of concepts. ISCA is one subject which can make your second group. The problem which arises is no matter how many times you study this subject, you are not able to recollect it. Many people felt the same. But the best technique is to make acronyms and your own codes.  I am sure you must have heard of the mnemonic version book by Manish Valeccha for ISCA. However, I feel that you should try to make your own acronyms.

  1. Financial Reporting

For Financial Reporting, I would suggest that First do everything except holding accounts. Many people take tension over holding company which carries only 16 marks weightage and that too even when you have an option in the paper. Without holding company, you will not feel burdened of this subject. If you have time, study at least the basic adjustments so that you are able to get good marks.


How to Pass CA Final Preparation tips

  1. SFM

For SFM, study from your coaching notes whichever coaching you have joined. For those who think they cannot waste their four precious months on coaching, I would suggest J.B. Gupta Video lectures are the best for self-study. They should prefer it.

  1. Auditing

For Auditing, you can refer either surbhi Bansal or Pankaj Garg or Kamal   Garg or Padhuka or any other book.

  1. Corporate and Allied laws

For Corporate and Allied laws, Munish Bhandari handbook is ideal for the law. The corporate law carries 70 marks weightage and is easier to remember than allied laws.

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  1. Advanced Management Accounting

For Advanced Management Accounting, I would say first cover the OR portion as it is easy and the questions types are limited as compared to costing. The theory is also an important part.

  1. Direct and Indirect taxation

For Direct and Indirect taxation, I feel that you should refer the Select cases book and the Supplementary study paper issued by ICAI. Amendments and recent cases laws form an important chunk of the taxation papers.

I hope you are satisfied with the information. If you have any doubts then you may ask about it. Wish you all the best for your examination. Keep Trust on yourself and God. Thank You..!!

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