Some important tips to get good marks in IPCC exams Nov 2017


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Hello, friends.!! In this article, I have given some important tips and tricks for CA IPCC examination which will help you to increase your marks. These tips are so easy to understand and follow. So, just read it carefully and follow it.

Some important tricks and tips:

  1. Use reference books

If you want to be prepared for the IPCC examination, you must have to select right reference book. It is really important for the good start. One of the best suggestions to start your exam preparation is to collect good reference book well in advance. For correct course content and notes preparation, you must refer material along with reference books.

  1. Revision

Revision is the most important aspect of the exam preparation. You need to do the revision of the most important questions for exams as many times as possible. A good revision is actually a key to your success in the exam and no revision may be the reason of your failure. For proper revision, you should prepare a revision plan, review the revision material and also prepare very small notes for revision.

  1. Unique Presentation

It is important for us to understand the reason behind the important of presentation. The actual reason is the Impression. It really counts when it comes to professional exams. It is the way you have to attempt the exams and present the answers.

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  1. Importance of Study material

No one can deny the importance of study material provided by the institute. It is highly recommended to refer study material provided by the institute along with other reference books. You can say that it is hard to study from the study material.

  1. Workout on your basics and follow conceptual study

For quick and successful revision at the exam time, it is very important to have the clear idea of concepts and basics. If your concepts and basics are not clear then the revision will take extra time.

I hope that the above suggestions will help you during your exam preparation. Wish you best luck for your examination. Stay tuned with us for other updates. Thank You..!!

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