GST Tax in India

GST Tax, Rate

GST 28% Item List, GST 28 Percent Rate list in India

Details for GST 28% Item List in India: Goods and Service Tax has finally implemented in India after a great debate and debacles of more than a year in the Modi Government. It is applicable from 1st July, 2017 in all over India. From this article, you can get the schedule for Goods covered under GST […]

GST Tax, Rate

GST 18% Rate Item List in India

GST 18% Rate List: From this article, you can check the GST 18% Rate List, GST 18 percent Item List in India. The items slab are divided into two sections. The first section is the goods section and will name the various items that will be in this slab. However, the second section shall include the

GST Tax, Rate

GST 12% Rate Items List in India

Updates and details for GST 12% Rate Item List in India: In this article we have Covered all goods under GST 12% Rate list, GST 12% Items List, GST 12% Rate List 2017. Check list of all items under GST Rate 12%. GST Tax rate in India, has been getting a shift in rates as the various

GST Tax, Important News, Offenses and Appeals, Penalties

GST Penalties, Offenses and Appeals

Updates and details for GST Penalties, Offenses and Appeals: From this article, You can check GST Penalties, Offenses and Appeals. For more details, just scroll down and read the full article. Offenses In GST: There are 21 offenses under GST apart from the penalty under section 8 covering fake/wrong invoices, fraud, tax evasion and others. They mentioned here. A

GST Tax, Important News

GST May Impact Gold Demand in Short Term

Updates and details for Gst May Impact Gold Demand in Short Term: The government is planning to roll out goods and services tax (GST) from July 1. Currently, taxes on gold jewellery stands at 12.2 per cent. This will be replaced with GST of 3 per cent, which will be on top of the import duty.

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GST Tax, Important

GST Tax: Small Business Will Have To Digitize Soon

Updates and details for GST Tax: Small Business Will Have To Digitize Soon: On 1st July, as India rolls out its landmark national sales tax, business that make less than 100 million rupees which the government refers to as micro, small and medium enterprises will all have to digitize. The firms, often accused of conducting business

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