Tips for getting good marks in CA Examination


The most important question about CA Examination is that how to be prepared for the examination and how to get good marks in the examination. So, we have some tips for solving these kinds of questions. Let us share it with you.

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First of all, remember that you are pursuing one of the toughest course in the world. You got to study very hard and keep aside all social obligations for some months of study time. The tips which are given below will help you to concentrate more on your studies. So, read it carefully.

  1. The most important thing to achieve anything is the self-confidence. If anybody has the lack of self-confidence then they can’t ever achieve their goals. So, believe in yourself that yes, I can do it.
  2. Keep away negative points from your mind like CA exams are very though or for that matter that passing percentage is very low. Even if you have failed in the earlier attempt or you did not have a great academic record you can still clear it. Have faith in yourself..!! And always keep in your mind that “Every attempt is fresh start”.
  3. For getting good marks in the examination of CA, you must have to give sufficient time for studies and revision. Understand this is a professional course so you can only succeed if you adopt the professional approach. Last minute preparation or mugging up will not work in this exam. So, you have to plan for study from beginning.
  4. Also remember, when you are studying, have complete focus on the subject only and not anywhere else. The amounts of hours spent on studying do not matter, Quality of time spent on studying matters.
  5. Most of the students get confused whether to give both groups or one group at a time. No point in discussing with friends or taking advice from others. Remember you and only you are the best judge. So, take the decision with cool mind and do what you want.
  6. You should also make the proper time table for your studies on daly basis and review it regularly to ensure that you are sticking to the schedule and not lagging behind.
  7. It does not mean that study time is only for books. Give yourself proper breaks during studying. So that your mind will divert for sometime and after it will be free you can easily learn for the next. Students can study in gardens or in open spaces probably in terraces or balconies so that they can enjoy the early morning sunshine, fresh air along with their studies.
  8. If possible then do meditation, breathing exercises, chanting and yoga. These have the profound impact on our mind and help us to maintain focus and improve our concentration.
  9. In exam days, do not take unnecessarily stress in your mind. If you do the same, it will generate problems for you. Stay free mentally during these days.
  10. These exams are just like other exams you had given in your school and colleges and this would make it lot more easier for you to deal this.

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We hope you enjoyed the article and it would be helpful to you. Give your best shot and 100% effort in the examination.

Trust yourself, trust God.. ALL THE BEST..

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