In Verification, 21 Marks increased of a Student in CA Final May 2013


Hello friends, this time again increment of about 21 marks in May 2013 CA Final exam of a CA Final student named Saloni Bansal. Students and lecturers have complained that there were many errors in totaling and that past questions were repeated in the final exams conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India last November 2011 also.

In May 2013 verification

Generally we see increment about 2-3 marks only in very rare cases but here is a huge increment about 21 marks.

CA Final year student Ms. Saloni Bansal D/o CA. Prem Bansal who secured 189 marks initially and failed due to aggregate. She applied for Re-Verification, after Re-verification her marks increased about 21 marks. she secured 210 Marks and now she is Chartered Accountant.

21 Marks increased in Re-Verification by ICAI..

What had happened if she may not had applied for verification ??

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In Nov 2011 verification 300 Passed

Around 300 final-year students from all over the country cleared either a group or both groups in the final exams after they applied for re-totaling. A student who got 7% in a subject cleared the test after his paper was retotalled, with at least 33 marks added when the paper was checked again by evaluators. 33 Marks mistakes means huge mistakes in checking.

Acknowledging the fact that there were bloomers in the valuation of papers, ICAI president Jaydeep N Shah said, “The issue is under the consideration of a committee and should be resolved before the valuation of the May 2012 papers. We have also given instructions to examiners to be doubly careful and check twice or thrice while correcting answersheets.”


A student is allowed to apply for a copy of his answersheet and then apply for retotalling. A student has to get a minimum of 40% in each subject and an aggregate of 50% in all the subjects to clear a group. More than 1 lakh students from across the country take the final exams in May and November every year. Of these only 15% clear either a single group or both groups to qualify as a chartered accountant.

Last week a public interest litigation on the valuation of CA papers was dismissed by the Madras high court as the petition was filed by a lecturer and not a student. The PIL was filed by Venkata Sivakumar, a chartered accountant and lecturer in costing and finance management.

“The Supreme Court in a judgment six months ago allowed students to get a copy of their mark sheets on payment of a fee,” Sivakumar said. “It is only after this that errors in valuation and totalling came to light. The institute’s journal has published a list of candidates who have cleared a group or both the groups after retotalling. I plan to approach the Supreme Court. A group of students will file a petition in the high court after vacation.”

“Errors may creep in as examiners have other work to do besides correcting the papers,” an examiner said. “Though this should not happen, that is the only reason I can see for such mistakes. Usually there is no pressure while correcting papers as we get ample time.”

“The errors may be due to oversight. For example, five marks awarded for a particular answer could be read as three. A student may fail in a subject because of this,” said R Sivakumar, another chartered accountant and a lecturer at ICAI.



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  1. My blood starts boiling after reading this article why ICAI is so careless with this kind of attitude just imagine if she does’nt applied for revaluation all her effort and hardwork are in vain

  2. this isn’t fair !!!! we believe in the personnels who correct our papers but their careless mistakes makes our (students) life miserable (i.e. aggrieved students) .ICAI should take due care to avoid such avoidable mistakes in correction to protect students interest ,for they too pose some responsibilities regarding these issues.moreover if these mistakes keeps on going faith in the personnels would be a history and applying for revaluation would become a future trend by students which would be a misery to ICAI

  3. i got total 31 mark in IT & SM in ca ipcc, after checking my i decided to call my answer sheet from icai i seen i got 18 marks in SM and 10 marks in IT and total mark is 31 how it happen i dont know,
    friends checking procedure applied by examiner is too worst i though he was checking answer sheet like he was going to sleep he didnt give number any either one or two question even point mention in the question is correct exactly match with icai material.

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