Tips to score good marks in the CA Examination 2019


Updates and details for Tips to score good marks in the CA Examination 2017:

Here we have provided you some good points/tips to get good marks in the examination. Go below and check it and also share it.

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  1. Don’t fear about the examination. Take it as a challenge. Prepare psychologically to face it.
  2. You should refer the previous and model question papers. This is the important stage of getting acquaintance with the subject and the theme of the examination.
  3. Start reading with the easy and interesting subjects, and then take hard subjects.
  4. Prepare a timetable according the available time you have for all subjects.
  5. Always repeat the tough subjects and tough questions in short time.
  6. Examiner does not see the face of the examinees. He gives the marks depending upon the answers written. So write answers carefully.
  7. Exam time i.e. 3 hours, is allotted to all the students. The students who write more and appropriate matter, gets highest marks.
  8. Often you get yourself examined, by writing the answers fixing the time for each question, thus improving your speed of writing.
  9. If it is required the discuss the subject with your friends. And also get the suggestions from your Lectures. So that you can easily solve your problems.
  10. General writing speed is 25 to 40 words per minute. General handwriting speed in 10 words per minute. Therefore improve your writing speed by daily practicing.
  11. Give proper spaces on the top and bottom of the page. Only write 16 lines on each page.
  12. Put the side headings, sub-headings and top-headings whenever it required.
  13. If you remember correctly, then only write the definitions and quotes. Otherwise, it is better to write the contents. Remember all the important definitions and quotes.
  14. Preference shall be given to short notes, which fetch more marks.
  15. Divide the answer in paragraphs. Concluding remarks enhance the value of the answer.
  16. Do not waste the time before the examination, and also in the examination hall.
  17. Don’t leave the Examination hall until the last minutes. Check all the answers. Also check the answer sheets and tag the answer sheets properly.

We hope you are satisfied with the information. Stay tuned with us for more.


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