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Hi friends, I am a CA PCC student from Ahmadabad, Gujarat. I welcome you to my website created specially to help you and share my knowledge of CA field and other various courses. Crack the professional courses exams with ease and obtain the cracking ways and attitudes with our tips and motivation and be a successful student with the help of http://cacracker.com

I will also share useful files like, Exam Papers, Papers solution, Tax Amendments, Table wise solution for some critical sums, Suggested answers, RTPs etc.

Update on 15-06-2012:

I will also provide latest job vacancies for government and private both, educational updates of various courses like CA, CS, CWA, MBA, MCA, Engineering., Medical etc.


In simple mean you are gonna enjoy your stay on http://cacracker.com.



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  1. we have only 2 partner in a partnership firm and 1 of the partner is willing to retire from partnership firm and the other remaining partner is willing to continue the business as a sole trader with the same firm name with all the assets of the existing partner ship firm. the firm is not distributing the capital assets i.e machinery to the partners. whether capital gains are attracted or not and how the closing stock is to be valued. since the firm contains only 2 partner, on retirement of 1 partner the firms is automatically dissolved .please clarify the query.

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