2.5 to 3 Times Increase in Stipend of CA Article Assistant


Hi friends, here is very good news by the president of ICAI Mr. Jaydeep N. Shah that there will be 2.5 to 3 times increase in stipend of article assistant. With talking to newsmen in a conference of CA students, Shah said the amount of stipend varies and depends upon areas fixed by the ICAI like an urban or semi-urban etc.

A CA aspirant has to compulsorily undergo three years of articleship and get trained at CA firms after clearing first of the two Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) groups. He said if someone is getting a stipend of Rs 1,000 per month would now get between Rs 2500 and Rs 3,000. He also said that the ICAI has made large investments over the years for different initiatives. Shah claimed that it is still much less costly to do a CA course compared to other professional courses in India.

Welcoming the ICAI move to increase the stipend, an office bearer of local chapter of ICAI, M J Parsiya said, “It is a welcome step and will act as morale booster for many as stipend hike will come handy in planning their monthly expenses.” “Stipend amount depends on the population of the city, size of the CA firm and its ability to pay the CA aspirants under articleship,” he said. ICAI current president Jaydeep N. Shah is taking really good moves for the benefits of CA students.


4 thoughts on “2.5 to 3 Times Increase in Stipend of CA Article Assistant”

  1. Prashant Donekal

    This is a big joke to students of CA as articles training allows CAs to exploit poor students, articles training is similar to internship and should be classified as such, a minimim of 15,000 pm should be paid as otherwise sustenance is difficult. Even call centre enployees earning better these days. Shame on ICAI for exploiting students in this way!

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