Exemption Rules in CS Exams


Exemption in CS Exams

Exemption rule for professional exams like CA, CS, CWA are generally same. For exemption in CS exams following criteria must be satisfied. A CS Student who secures 60 Marks or more in any paper of CS Foundation, CS Executive and CS Professional Program in the CS Result June 2012 but fails to clear the group is allowed exemption from reappearing for that paper.

In simple terms – if a Student fails to clear a group but secure 60 Marks or more in any paper of the group which he failed to clear, the Student is allowed an exemption from re-appearing for that group and he only has to appear in the rest of the papers of that group.

However, the Students are requested to note that the Exemption availed in CS Results is not automatic and in order to avail an exemption – the Student has to submit a specific request in writing along with attested copies of the Mark sheet.

The application for availing exemption for securing more than 60 Marks in CS Results shall be submitted maximum by 25th March for June Exams and 25th September for December Exams along with a fee of Rs. 100 per Exempted Paper. The applications can also be submitted with a late fee of Rs. 100 up to 9th April and 10th October respectively.



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  1. When i claim exemption on the basis of above. Is it compalsary to secure 50% in other paper in next exem or 40% is enough….

  2. I got 60 marks in one subject… and in others 44 n 33. I have not cleared the group.
    According to my scores, will I get exemption?

  3. I have scored 60 marks in a subject and in remaining 33 nd 24. Will I get exemtion as I heard that for exemption its compilsory to score 25 or more in other subjects. Pls reply as doon as possible

  4. I have scored 60 in a sub will i get exemption if yes pls tell me procedure for tht nd gow can i revaluate my xams

  5. Rupa Maheshwari

    I wanted to know if someone didnt appear in a paper of a group, but wants to get exemption in another paper of same group… Is it possible…? And the group contains only 2 papers.

  6. If my 1 subject of CS inter is exempted and i haven’t given more then 3 attempts after my attempt in which i got the exemption.. Then still the exemption remains valid in my attempt which i’ll give now..
    Eg. if i got the exemption in Dec 2014 and after that i have not given any attempt then can i now avail that exemption in my June 2017 attempt .?

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